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How We Work

The Recruitment Process


Follow a verbal telephone consultation. We visit you and your family at home (or elsewhere if that’s more convenient for you), so we can truly understand your needs. We feel this is essential, because staffing can be very personal. 

We discuss your ideal candidate and any privacy concerns you may have. We find out about your children, how you like your home to run and what your likes and dislikes are.  We make detailed notes of all our discussions to insure nothing is missed.

We carefully select and interview all candidates at length, run all the necessary checks and ensure their first aid training is up to date. Once we have interviewed candidates in depth , we would chose the strongest 3-5 choices and send them across to you for a final screening, once you have selected your ideal candidate we conduct a last interview and once referencing and background checks are complete and a package has been agreed, we can formally offer the candidate the position.  We would then ask for the placement fee to paid, two weeks prior to the candidate starting with you.

The Settling-In Period


We work closely with families and candidates during the first six weeks of employment to ensure a smooth transition. This aftercare service is what sets us apart from other Agencies. We have an open-door policy, we want our families and candidates to feel able to come to us at any time to discuss any queries or issues they may have encountered. We also offer a mediation service and can sit down with you once a fortnight to help solve any problems that may have arisen – on either side – during the settling-in period.



We want families and employees to know we are here give guidance and support once we have made the placement which we feel is a valued and integral part of our service that we strongly believe in. 

Settling In
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