Main Services offered by the Family Agency

The Family Agency can help you recruit positive, honest and reliable staff.  

The roles below are our main services however we offer other bespoke services available on request.

Live in & Live out 

Nannies are professional childcare providers. They are employed by parents to provide personalized childcare for their children mainly in their home. They can be a more  affordable alternative to daycare/childcare facilities, depending on the salary range being offered and especially if there is more than one child to be cared for.   Having a Nanny provide one-on-one care and meet all the needs of the children in the safety of their own home can offer  families a greater peace of mind. The main role of a Nanny is to provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment in which the children thrive and grow.  Responsibilities include undertaking most tasks related to the children’s care, but every Nanny has slightly different responsibilities, depending on the family requirements, the ages of the children but typically Nannies are responsible for keeping the children’s areas  tidy and doing the children’s laundry, in addition to providing attentive childcare. Nannie will take children to and from activities, grocery shop for the children and plan the children’s daily schedule. While some families may ask the nanny to take on additional household tasks, such as housekeeping and the parent’s laundry, depending on the position, these duties may be better suited for a Nanny/housekeeper or Housekeeper.

  • A live-in Nanny earns between £325 and £500 net per week and a live out Nanny earns between £500 and £750 net per week, depending on a range of factors. However, you also need to pay employer costs such as tax and national insurance.

Au Pair & Au Pair Plus 
Live in only

An Au Pair is a young person who comes to the UK generally to study and help a family in their spare time with their childcare needs in return for board and pocket money. They tend to be age 18-22 and have basic English but are able to hold a small basic conversation.  An Au Pair Plus is similar to an Au pair, but they may have worked or studied in a childcare environment or have stronger Childcare experience than a standard Au Pair, they also tend to be slightly older, generally between 21 and 28 years old. An Au Pair works up to a maximum of 30 hours per week where an Au Pair Plus can work up to a maximum of 35 hours per week, like standard Au Pairs, they often come to the UK to improve their English and you do need to ensure they have free time to study and attend college. An Au Pair Plus is not a Nanny so you must limit sole charge care and not exceed their hours. The family is expected to provide clean suitable accommodation and a private bathroom.  Please keep other costs in mind, such as contributions to their flight to the UK , English studies and household board.

  • An Au Pair earns between  £120 - £130 per week and an Au Pair Plus earns between £140 - £150 per week, including one or two nights babysitting depending on the package you offer. 


Junior Nanny
Live in & Live out 

A Junior Nanny tends to be a younger less experienced version of a Nanny who is responsible for the care of the children,  it would normally be less sole charge hours than a experienced Nanny. The right Junior Nanny can be as responsible and as hard working but perhaps hasn’t been exposed to every situation a Nanny has dealt with so may lack the confidence of that of a highly experienced Nanny. The Junior Nanny is still learning, gaining experience and most probably just completed her childcare qualifications.  A junior Nanny will do all the tasks of a Nanny, such as nursery duties, light housekeeping and cooking and prepping foods for the children. They may also help with errands such as food shopping, walking the dog and other house duties. 

  • A Junior Nanny earns between £250 - £375 net per week depending on a range of factors. However, you also need to pay employer costs such as tax and national insurance. 



The Family Agency does not require search activation fees. We also include full DBS checks & first aid courses in our Nanny rates, Au Pairs will all be first aid trained inclusive of fee.

Au Pair

(25-30hrs per week)

£800 ( this includes references) 


Au Pair Plus

(35hrs per week)

£950  ( this includes references) 


4 x agreed gross weekly pay

(minimum inclusive fee of £1,850) this includes full DBS & reference checks & First Aid course.

Part time basis: 5 x agreed net weekly fee (min fee £900) 

Junior Nanny or Mothers Help 

4 x agreed gross weekly pay

(minimum inclusive fee of £1,650 ) this includes full DBS & reference checks & First Aid course.

Part time basis: 5 x agreed net weekly fee (min fee £900) 

Temporary Nanny

Nanny daily booking fee of £30 per day 

Nanny weekly fee £120 per week (Mon - Fri)

Nanny weekly fee of £170 per week (Mon - Sun) 

(including DBS & reference checks)

We have listed above our most popular placements but we also offer other popular household staff, please get in contact for information.

Reimbursement & Replacement Policy


We will make every effort to find the right person for your family. However, if a problem does arise with a candidate we offer the below replacement structure. 

0 - 8 weeks, we will seek to replace free of charge

8 - 13 weeks we ask for an replacement admin fee of £175 (Au Pair) - £350 (Nanny or Domestic staff)

 13 - 26 weeks a 50% new fee would be required

26 week + - Full new fee is required 

 In the unlikely event that no suitable replacement is found or this option simply isn’t chosen, we offer the below reimbursement structure. 

0-2 weeks of employment 50%

2-6 weeks of employment 25%

If the candidate has been placed and employment has commenced but you simply chose to cancel her employment for no given reason, we do not offer any refund.  The refund policy applies to families who chose to have a refund and not a replacement within the agreed replacement time.

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